Sunday, December 30, 2012

Makeup ZLC Less Actives and Elder Miranda's Cooking

I don't know where to start this week.. This is going to end up being me just rambling off as much as I can so I can stick in the time limit.. Hope that's OK with y'alls. It's been a while since you got a nice look in my brain.

First things first.. last Thursday and Friday we had to kick off the island again for ZLC. Can I just say that ZLC (Zone Leader's Council) is one of the best things ever? I think I mentioned that after my first pagpunta doon. Ah! Tagalog slipped out. Don't worry. You'll still understand most of this. This transfer the focus is still with Less Actives.. but there is a real big push on missionaries upping their game on obedience. Some stuff about making sure we include our "heart and mind" when we give all our might and strength. Pretty cool. All we really have to give to the Lord is our heart and mind. Absolutely everything else in this world that we think we have, is already His; it was all given to us. The only thing we can really give to Him is our agency, and when we do that He will make us great. So.. that was cool. The Spirit is always so strong there. President Peterson is the best.

Second.. My comp is so great. Elder Miranda. I don't thing I have said much about him.. but that's the guy you see in the picture there. We get along famously: he's loud and screams when the house gets quiet; he cooks, I do dishes; we share ties. PS Mom he loved the one you sent for Christmas, thanks! I'm actually wearing that one in the picture haha. And he's wearing one of mine in that picture. A sign of good companionship unity I guess. He's from Tarlac, speaks Ilocano, and is 4 months ahead in the mission, 2 months older than me in real life. He's just as tall as me if not taller.. the picture is madaya. He's a super good at building relationships with the investigators / members. We are having a blast.

Third.. The "Rescue Mission" is going alright. I think many of the people that came to church last week did so because it was New Years.. But we're working hard. I think it's going to take more than just visits. We need to focus more on helping them receive a deeper conversion before focusing on getting them to church.. otherwise I don't see anything happening but them falling away with the same level of conversion that they had before. More to come on that...

Welp, I love y'alls lots. Take care. You're in my prayers.

Elder Brown

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