Sunday, December 30, 2012

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mother! I am so glad you got the package! sorry i couldn't get something quite as cool as a howdy belt.. i don't know if something more fit to us brown boys exists! I'll think of something more cool for you and sis in december (: 

go sis! did you guys by chance get a video of her? i wanna see my sis in action! 

my week has been good, with an awesome awesome baptism. jhon-saint. you'll get to read all about it in the journal! sorry too for the journal pics they're kinda weird today a little harder to read. 

ahh mama i get to stay in my area!! i honestly had 3 nightmares in a row last friday night that i was going to be transferred. i love this area so much.. this branch is the best. it's not exactly the best on leadership but we're working with president julao to help him get it together.. but the members are unreal. so much fun, so helpful, just awesome. then of course my beach house and truck ;) i'm so glad i get to stay!!! 

love you so much!

MOTHER! I'm doing really really well. so so healthy and grateful for it. I have no time right now!! we just stopped at internet to report to pres and we have to go straight to FHE right now.. I'm going to try to get pictures in a second for the group email. For the call!! I'm really excited too. Here's what's up. So I think I'll be transferred next week... which means monday will be my last pday in this area.. i don't even want to go into how much i love this place and am bummed to leave it..i'll save it for next week.. but long story short i want to play basketball with the members early in the morning so i won't call until 7:00pm your time. is that ok? I hope so cause by the time I get your response i'll be calling you!! I love you so much mama! thank you for the extra support (: I am eating better right now. we're trying to buy more fruits and stuff. Anyways just plan for around 7:00pm. I'll call you first and we'll talk for a while and then I'll check in with dad for a few minutes. I love you,

Elder Brown
I don't know if anyone asks if I'm still alive... but the answer is YES. Alive and well, thank you. No journals today kc I left the camera at home.. and if we're being honest I didn't get time to write too much this week. We've been busy working till the very last minutes before curfew and then running back and planning, showering, cleaning toes and going to bed. Not to mention eating if we haven't eaten before getting home. Speaking of eating, my companion is a great cook. Like, really really good. That's pretty much every missionary's dream come true! mm. 

On the work side of the updates.. we finally got to see Efren at church yesterday! That was super cool. The YSAs his age accepted him well and they were crackin' jokes and laughing before long. Again, every missionary's dream come true. This week we will hold a baptismal service for King, Fil, and Janice. King and Fil are 13+12 years old, respectively, sons of a single mother who was recently baptized. They have a true innocence about them that is beautiful to see. Janice is an investigator that the sisters have been teaching. Still way cool to have sisters serving in our branch, as well as the senior couple Campbells.

I am so stoked for Shane to join me here. What a tender mercy for two brothers to get to serve in the same area, come to love the same culture and same people. I read his emails every week and just feel his excitement and testimony. Serve with all your heart, might, mind and strength brother. Same goes to all those preparing to serve, you are preparing for the most rewarding two years of your lives(so far).


Elder Brown

PS Happy fathers day next week.. Apparently y'alls celebrate father's day a week later than we do here?

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