Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Last Week

My dear team,

Time is very limited. I hope to be able to send a good email before we get started with the last family home evening with president, but in case i dont, i thought i'd send this. I can't possibly describe the things i feel right now. Nothing quite feels real anymore. 

Last night te outgoing missionaries came into the mission home for dinner and an exit interview. Elder Glenn and I skipped the interview (not really.. We got permission to have it tonight), and went out to teach together. Imagine that! We started the mission together and we finished the mission together. It was a wonderful teaching experience, and the same Spirit that has guided us for two years was manifest last night.

We had a career workshop today, and stopped by SM to grb some last things. I'm typing on a sample iPhone at the cell phone store.. Feels interesting after two years.

I love you team. I'll write a good journal entry tonight and email it out when I get home. Thank you for your loving support and encouragement. 


Elder Trevor Todd Brown

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