Sunday, December 30, 2012

Make Up Feb 12

Mother! This week was alright.. still working and all of course but for some reason it just seamed more difficult than some weeks. Honesty right? haha. But don't worry about me! You know I can get through anything! I decided to stop tanning on pdays.. mostly because its so flippin hot here that if I get burned it makes me too hot the rest of the week! I definitely can get my toes wet!! Well the handbook says no swimming. So I take that to mean toes are just fine. haha. the water is sooo nice here! I want to come back one day as Trevor and not Elder Brown just to play in the water and hang with my peoples. But for now, work is good and work is what I"ll do. Madriaga family is still progressing, we're definitely helping them lots right now. Unfortunately the mom and her oldest daughter (Chrislyn) went back to Manila this week.. that's where Chrislyn works and lives.. the mom is gonna help her raise her newborn baby for a year so I don't know how soon they'll get to go.. I just know they will. And we're not allowed to give money right now.. but when I get home if they are ready I'll definitely help them get there. That goes for pretty much all my peoples that want to get to the temple.

Shane gets his call this week???!?? That's nutty!! I know you want to be there... Some kids did the skype thing when I was at school.. it worked well, but you won't get to hug him after or do a special mother son talk.. if you can find an excuse to be up there (ie visit nana and company), DO IT (: and make sure he gets a video and sends it to me!! I want to hear him read it, so don't spoil the surprise with emails! I'll go straight to the video when I get on next week.

Typical Colemans to get to meet whoever is playing!! Ha they are so rad. Nice work! 

Love you mama!!

Elder Brown

PS all I could think about in sunday school yesterday was living walking distance from Oso Jack and curly fries... I approve of the move! 

What a week. I started on my 3rd mission journal, we just became a three-some until Friday, and we started working with two more less-active families! Neither Elder Miranda nor myself is getting transferred, which means we'll be together another 6 weeks! After 12 weeks with him, we've grown pretty close and are excited to continue to work together. I love you! Your missionary in the Philippines,


Howdy Team,

Glad you like the journals, there's more coming this week. Dad, the little symbols on the bottom are sorta personal key indicators.. From the inside of the page, going out, they mean... Overall Happiness Level for the day (1-10;) One Scripture that I studied well that day; if there are weird words, those are my New Tagalog Vocab; next one is a little box with squiggles, that's if I had Personal Study; smiley face if I Exercised, and the last one is and overall did I do the day right smiley face. They're personal.. no one is asked to keep track of those things, but they keep me on track.

We're on exchanges again, this time with the Torrijos elders.. I'm in their internet shop, with a giant garage door type entrance, and mosquitoes are the enemy. I'm doing good! I love you all! Thank you for the support, love,

Elder Brown 

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