Sunday, December 30, 2012

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Another crazy fast week has slipped by.. and jeepers this keyboard is impossible to type on. Ha. We had a great trip to Lucena for zone conference and worked hard to make up for lost time from that. Jhon Saint will be baptized on the 31st! I'm stoked for all this. Plus, Christmas came, again! A million thank yous to my mom, gong gong, nana, and aunt alli! You're all amazing (: Thank you thank you thank you!


Elder Brown

PS the extra pic is my old companion, Elder Guba, and Mariel! Remember her? Well she got baptized after I left and they sent me a picture!
Sorry about the bad lighting. Wow I just looked at it again its hardly visible.. I'll try to send it again next week!
Mother! My week has been good. I have learned so much about myself and how I can more enter the presence of God on my mission.. and I don't mean just by going to the other side, but making sure that I am always in the presence of the Holy Ghost. He is, indeed, a God and a member of our Godhead! My mission president taught us about that this week at zone con, I loved it. It will require more change and progression on my part, and in turn will let me bring others into His presence as I teach. I love that!

General conference already?? That means next week is the real deal, and we will get to watch it the week after. Cool cool. I'm really excited for it.. We can better prepare to be taught by studying the previous conference. I have read the last 5 years or so of conferences out here because the magazines get stocked up in our apartments haha.
I love conference.

Shane is one week closer to being here! I am still super happy for him. I will beg my pres to let me see him when he gets here.. our secret though I don't want him to plan on it cause it's not for sure!

I got your package! Thank you (: for some reason one hot chocolate got opened and evenly distributed among all the other contents haha. I think they thought you were sneaking my cocaine or something.. no problem though! I loved it. The new cds are great.

How is the new house and work and ward and everything? Love you lots.


happy anniversary (:
Thank you mom and dad for keeping our family safe and loving us for the last 24 years. Shane Sis and I did nothing to deserve this in this life, but because of you we were blessed to be born into an eternal family with eternal standards and we will all reap the joy of eternal life. Thank you! I love you!

Elder Brown

PS Hopefully you get my box I sent in the next week.. should have been there by now but nothing to worry about.. it has happy anniversary words in there too. Anyways love ya two. 
mother! I am so glad you got the package! sorry i couldn't get something quite as cool as a howdy belt.. i don't know if something more fit to us brown boys exists! I'll think of something more cool for you and sis in december (: 

go sis! did you guys by chance get a video of her? i wanna see my sis in action! 

my week has been good, with an awesome awesome baptism. jhon-saint. you'll get to read all about it in the journal! sorry too for the journal pics they're kinda weird today a little harder to read. 

ahh mama i get to stay in my area!! i honestly had 3 nightmares in a row last friday night that i was going to be transferred. i love this area so much.. this branch is the best. it's not exactly the best on leadership but we're working with president julao to help him get it together.. but the members are unreal. so much fun, so helpful, just awesome. then of course my beach house and truck ;) i'm so glad i get to stay!!! 

love you so much!

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