Sunday, December 30, 2012

Makeup 1 15 12 Answers and Rescue Mission

Howdy Team! My mother wrote a great little thing in her email.. so I thought I'd include it. She hit the nail on the head for my doings this week.

So how was your week, Zone leader duties. Members?  Fish dinners?  Smile  and laugh:)?   Brown outs, truck driving, lessons. Members at church, talks:). How many members usually come to church?  Is it one branch or more on the island?  Well give me some stories. Ok:)

Isn't my mom the best? My week was good. Members fed us fish dinners (we actually just finished a fish lunch at a members before we came here;) 1 I still smile and laugh. You should too, it's healthy. Brown outs are a regular thing but Elder Brown is always here. Ha. Punny. We drove the truck a lot this week. More on that later. We taught an amazing lesson to Jodel this week. More on that later, too. Our branch usually has around 50 coming to church, the second strongest of the five branches on the island. We make up one district. Stories to come (:

So.. yeah.. Zone Leader duties.. when we got back from ZLC last week the truck's transmission was acting funny.. got it checked up and the oil seal was broken so it had been leaking. Which meant we had to go back to the mainland last week to get it fixed. Three days, gone. We did, however, get to go to transfer day and take the new missionaries back to the island.. a cool thing for them because being driven by me is way more fun than taking a bus, two tricycles, boat, and two jeeps. Bad news was it was going to cost an arm and two legs to get it fixed at the Ford dealership, so President just sent me to get it done at the cheap, sketchy mechanic on the island anyways. Saturday we drove around the island taking people home and conducting a baptismal interview, then another fish dinner at a members. Good thing I like fish (:

With all this talk about fish.. you might be hungry. Go grab yourself a nice 1/2 pound fish and grill it. Get lime juice, soy sauce, onions (red), and sili (spicy little peppers). Mix up everything but the fish. Same proportions (except the sili.. that would be nutso. Just a few spicy peppers). Cook some rice. Set out a large plate of rice, the grilled fish, the sauce mix, and a large banana leaf. Eat!

For actual missionary work.. well, we didn't have much time this week. I don't like when that happens, but it does sometimes and I can't avoid it. Jodel is way cool though. He's 21, his mom and sister are members, and for the last few weeks we've been working with him to quit smoking and drinking. I am so grateful to have never had a problem with those things.. I see his struggle with turning down friends and old habits. But more so, I am grateful for repentance and the ability to change that is within us all. No matter what we have gotten ourselves into, we can get out. And we must, now. We sat with him on Tuesday night and one of the best things of the mission happened again. I was prompted to offer a promise in the name of our Savior. When Jodel finally fights with all he has against temptation, and succeeds for an undefined period of time, the Spirit of our Lord will testify to him of the truth of the Word of Wisdom, Joseph Smith, this Church, and Jesus Christ Himself. Then we prayed, asked for help, and left. Those moments make everything so good. Even though we didn't have much time to be proselyting this week, we were still blessed immeasurably with the Spirit. Even if it means I have to be the soccer mom for a season, I absolutely love this work.

I was reading in Alma for personal study this week and Chapter 31 really hit me. Alma and his brethren are to reclaim the lost Zoramites. It is something of a "Rescue Mission". While the Zoramites are generally much more wicked than those I encounter, I felt the power of Alma's prayer. Verses 32-35 are especially great. May the spirit of God be found with you and I this day, that is my prayer. I love my Savior, I love you.

Elder Brown

1 Did anyone notice that?? It was one of those smiley things that happens in the scriptures and I didn't even plan it! Cool. Grammar is awesome.

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