Sunday, November 18, 2012

Makeup 7 11 PICS 7 17

sorry i don't have much.. but this is our pday earlier. I'm on the top right.. jedi! and my comp is second from the right on the bottom row. elder lacson.

second one is the kid we baptized when i first got here. he was the last of his family, and his dad (new convert, too) baptized him. they're awesome. fernandez family. the two older sons work with us every once in a while.

and i threw the third in cause the internet is fast and i'm in it. same fam but me, my comp, and the BML are in it too.

July 17
Howdy team!

Short on time this week because so many of you are awesome and emailed me!! Sooo if you are one of those, you get a special response from your special someone in the Philippines.

Anyways I'm doing well. Just hit my ONE MONTH mark in the new area.. kinda crazy how fast time goes. I remember last summer I thought it would be fun to work in Oregon and only lasted that one month. The Oregon adventure seemed much longer. 

We baptized Lea yesterday! She's the first person I really got to teach in Pila. As the last member in her family to accept the Gospel, it's been fun to teach her and see improvement and change in her young life. I'm trying to upload a picture from yesterday but this computer is having problems. It happens. Anyways back to Lea... we've also been teaching her cousin, Milky, and she was supposed to be baptized yesterday but never showed up. idk kids.. if you want to know what the hardest moments on a mission are, it's those. When you've spent a month preparing someone and something big comes up to block it. But I guess there was a real life emergency that she had to be at, and I'd hate to force someone to get baptized in an emergency. So next week hopefully! And if this computer can't get pics, you'll just have even more to look at next week.

I read the Miracle of Forgiveness last Tuesday.. great read if you haven't dived in yet. Some claim that it causes feelings guilt.. but if we have things to feel guilty for I think that's a good thing. So read it and feel a new motivation to strive on toward forgiveness and perfection!

Love all y'alls from the bottom of my heart, especially my mom!

Elder Brown

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