Sunday, November 18, 2012

Makeup 2-7-11 TakeOff Day

Trevor Brown Sighting!
Hello!! This is it. The big day has arrived. In just 8 hours, I'll find myself reporting at the Travel Office. I'll fly for who-knows-how-long and land in Manilla, Philippines some time tomorrow night (9ish) America Time. But it will be 11:15am in Manilla on Wednesday.

The MTC has been a riot. Tons of fun, tons of work, and tons of spirit. I can gladly report I gave my all to be where I am now. I've let the Spirit change and shape my life, and would exhort you to do the same. It really is better when we're together.

I learned some fun facts about the Philippines. Don't let them scare you, I'll be just fine.

1. You only shake with your right hand--no joke.
2. Always wear sandals or shoes of some sort.
3. It's going to be about 428x hotter than I imagine.
4. Everyone will be speaking a foreign language--no matter how much Tagalog I think I know.
5. The people are ready.

We watched Mountain Of The Lord last night. Great film. Really got me excited to go there and share the greatest joy on Earth with the people. Point is, I'm super stoked!!

Here's some important info:

1. I don't think I'll be allowed to email anyone but mom and dad. So, you have two options. me (takes 3ish weeks) or use the Church's pouch system (same time est.), or you can email mom or dad and have them forward it. I am trying to be obedient... Apparently it's a big deal or something ;)

Hopefull my sister will figure out how to put up some more detailed instructions for writing me. I'll be able to mail home through the pouch system. It will just be slow. Sooooo don't stop with the joyous letters! I'll write back. They come in bunches so if I don't write back, you could get two at a time! Get excited. I'm gone to serve the Lord!

Mahal Kita,

Elder Trevor Todd Brown

p.s. I don't know my address yet but I'll get it up real soon.

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