Sunday, November 18, 2012

Makeup 3-28 Special request Letter

Mother! I love you!

I am glad you're doing well (:
I've got a few things to ask for...
So I've realized that I can't eat all the yummy foods I want and live within the mission budget.. It just isn't enough. Luckily, I think it would only cost like $50 a month extra to eat as well as I want, and have money to spare.. I know things are tough but if we could just do that I would appreciate it so much. You could just put it in my bank account and I'd withdraw it here. i love to eat things other than rice (:

But speaking of rice, I need some recepies! All the yummy things you make.. terryaki fried rice, sweet and sour, etc. Things that are pretty simple but delicious. Tacos, anything you can think of. Also.. still no package but I go to the mission home next week for training so hopefully it's there.

Another thing.. I really want to learn to play the guitar. And there's an elder that just got transferred to our zone that is helping me. I'm buying my own as soon as I can get back up to Infanta, they've got a music store there. But there's this awesome magazine that sends CD's of fingerstyle songs (love them!) and the sheet music to learn how to play them. Soooo it would be so super awesome if you could subscribe me for just a year, and if I like it we can subscribe again (: And then just send the magazines to me in support boxes as they come every two months. Check out the website and tell me if it seems like a good idea. I would love it!

Last thing.. I love you! I know it's tough back home and I haven't asked for much over the last few years because of that.. but these are just a few things that I can't do myself. But if it's at all too much, just say the word and I'll figure something else out (: Thank you thank you!

I'm doing really well. We're doing well as a companionship. We love to cook together and teach and all that fun stuff. In the next box.. We would love some salad dressing mix, BBQ sauce, and some candy! Love you lots and can't wait till next week!

Elder Trev Brown

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