Sunday, November 18, 2012

Makeup 2-27-11 Special Mothers E-Mail

I'm here at internet again cause my comp needed to. But anyways, you get an extra email (:

Things a mother would want to know:

I'm healthy! I eat fruit and veggies every day, and I keep my room more clean than you have ever seen. I fold my laundry (secret - we have a ward nanay[mom] who washes our clothes for $3 a week. not allowed, but don't tell! she's endowed so she can wash everything)

I brush my teeth morning and night, and floss every day.

I miss things like In N Out, toilets that flush, and carpet.

I work out in the morning while other missionaries are being lazy.

I read every day, no matter what.

I teach with the Spirit.

I sleep on a thin, soft mattress. I only use a sheet and a fan to keep me comfortable.

I put on DEET on my arms every night in case the fan doesn't blow the mosquitos away.

I treat myself to fresh baked cookies when I have a hard day.

When I don't feel like walking, I ride a trike home.

When I'm sick, Elder Harris is good at taking care of me.

We cook really well for lunch, combining lunch and dinner hours for a gourmet, cheap meal every day!

Elder Harris is a super good cook, super good at Tagalog, and an incredible teacher.

I am as obedient as possible to mission rules!

That's all I can think of right now... But I love you lots and can't wait for that care package!! One every 3 months or so should do the trick. Just cheeze its, gummy things, cereal if it's not too expensive, and if you want to subscribe to Surfing the magazine I wouldn't complain ;) I miss surfing like crazy!! My zone is the only one in the mission that has a beach with waves (facing the Pacific Ocean) so I'll be sure to take a PDay trip up there to check it out!

OH!!! Also, if you can have shane burn me some Mo Tab cd's, and church hymns, and that kind of stuff, it would be much appreciated. If he can't, I'll order them from the Mission Office. More good news: At the end of my mission, or like 3 months before the end, I will buy tons of souveniers and gifts and stuff. Then I put it all in a big box, and send it on a "slow boat". It costs like $60 to send an elephant-sized box of goodies home, but takes 3 months to get there. So get excited for that to come home with me in December 2012!

I hope all is well, send everyone my love, and i'll check back in a week!


Elder trevor Brown

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