Monday, August 20, 2012

San Pablo Office Transfer

Dear Loved Ones,

I apologize for the lack of journals.. here's what's up. Last wednesday morning I was just exercising all normal, had plans for the day, was going to execute them, until I got a text. I read the text. It went like this "These are the transfers for your zone: e.brown..." I didn't read past that right away. Me? transferred?? it was a shock, a surprise, and basically changed my entire day's plans. Sorta. We had to be all packed and ready for transfers before going to bed that night.. so while we still got to all of our appointments, there was much preparation to do. Then we traveled all of thursday, and friday morning came. I've been to a good number of transfer meetings by now. long story short i've been called as an office elder.. it basically means we take care of all the missionaries' temporal needs and keep the mission running smoothly. i've been here for four days now.. wow. i had no clue as to the sheer amount of work office elders do. we have had zero time from the moment transfer meeting ended until now. i live on the mission home property now. president is awesome, i love being close and learning from him. my companion is elder delos santos.. he's about 6 months behind me in the mission, and he's actually the only companion that i knew before we were made companions. the aps live next door.. that's awesome. elder diaz was my good friend in the mtc and elder navarro and i are batch. it's been cool working so closely with the office couple, the packers. they're amazing. anyways, as i said, time is super short. i still need to cook some pork chops and rice, plan, and sleep! about pictures.. they say we can't plug in outside memory cards or usb sticks as a precaution against viruses.. i'll try to get to the internet cafe outside next week to send those. bear with me. 

about the floods in manila: yes, our mission was affected, but not in the area i came from and not at the mission home. we are safe here. if i ever can't email on monday, something came up in the office and i will email tuesday. don't worry mother, i love you!

now, i've talked a bit with president since the new assignment. i like what he said. it went like this: you are called to bring people to repentance, and that is still your calling. i know the office work will take up much of your time, but i know you will find souls... etc. I can't remember the exact words, but what i felt was that there are souls in desperate need to be brought to our saviors arms of mercy. i have felt these arms encircled about me. i love my savior, and seek to serve Him. i rejoice in this calling, as a missionary called to preach repentance, and that is exactly what i will do. 

we've met some great people in the few days i've been here. i wrote about them in my journal.. so next week? no more time.. i love y'alls. 

elder brown

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