Monday, August 20, 2012

Pizza And Working Out ...Because I have been given Much

Well finding Yellowcab pizza in our mission boundaries was one of the best things that has happened food-wise.. it is real, authentic, great pizza straight from new york. new york prices are standard, but it is so dang good! we've eaten there 3 times now.. and will be going back in august. $6 to be full of the best pizza in the philippines? I'm in. When are we moving to the beach?? ;) where is talega again? i forgot.. i'm feeling so good now. i still exercise but i found some cement dumbells.. probably weight in around 15 lbs so those have been fun to play with. i'll be in decent shape when i get home.. and i do plan on focusing the push ups around october so i can hit my peak 100 for dad right when i get off the plane ;)

Don't know how to start this one.. I have been diligent in my journals this week.. I got a new pen so they're easier to read.. and I try to write legibly. Yesterday was probably the most spiritual, special sacrament meeting I have ever been to. It was a rainy morning, so only half of our usual attendance was blessed by the meeting. Everything was just so beautiful, from the opening hymn, prayer, to the sacrament hymn (185 - Reverently and Meekly Now), to the very humble voices for our sacrament prayers, the district and branch presidency spoke, we were blessed by a sorta out of tone yet unbelievably beautiful performance by our branch choir, and the closing hymn they sung left the room uplifted, edified by the Spirit that dwelt there. The choir sang a Tagalog / English rendition of "Because I Have Been Given Much". They had a sister sing the first verse solo in english, the choir sung the whole song in Tagalog, and finished with a strong, gusto-filled, "Thus shall my thanks be thanks, indeed!"

(english). Thank goodness the Sarsonas were there to witness that!

I'm way stoked to hear that my brother and his gang are filing off to the MTC! That is awesome. They'll for sure meet up there and rejoice in what they are doing. I rejoice in this work! I love it. It means absolutely everything to me.


Elder Trevor Brown

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