Monday, August 20, 2012

Philippines Rain Like Waves on the Beach

Howdy Team,

It's been quite the quick week.. both my father and grandmother mentioned that time is going fast.. and they are right. Scary.

We have been busy. That should be the norm, it is, and we love it. 

The work has taken a hit from the rain.. I will take a moment to explain rain in the Philippines. When it rains, it pours. Rain is about as predictable as waves on the beach, always here in rainy season just sometimes the tide changes funny or the swell leaves. That's when we see the sun, oh how great the sun is! I do, however, enjoy rain at night because it makes for cool sleeping conditions. That means I turn the electric fan away from me (I don't turn it off cause I like the background noise now) and sleep like a cat at midday. Anyways, back to rain. The season hit about 10 days ago, which means we have had two consecutive Sundays of rain. Rain on Sunday is a huge trail... and it has posed quite a challenge for my companion and I as we ponder how to teach our investigators and less actives in a way that will inspire them to get their toes wet enough to come to church! We have conquered trails before, and I have great faith that we will work through this one too. Rain is not enough to stop me from work, and it will not be enough to stop the faithful from the blessings of Sabbath Day observance!

President came to the island for zone interviews.. I do love to receive his counsel at these times. He also informs us on how to help our zone mates.

I am healthy, promise! I bought more bananas and we installed a new water filter today. I am forcing the 10:30pm lights out, which has forced me to manage my nightly hours better. It results in better health and better days.

Love, your Filipino,

Elder Trevor Todd Brown

PS Elder Shane Brown is in the MTC! What a joy to get an email from him! He will love your dearelders just as I did! Write him soon! 

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