Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Fried Chicken Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is awesome. It's one of my favorite holidays of the whole year. Why? Presents? Nope. Presence. I hope y'alls are nagtitipon tipon wherever this great week finds you. (nagtitipon tipon... gathering. it's kinda cool cause it means more like gathering  as in the 12 tribes of Israel.. from far corners and its sorta a habitual word.. like every November season.) We're gathering in the great city of Santa Cruz on Thursday evening for dinner. Filipinos have generally never heard the word "Thanksgiving" or know anything about it, so it should be fun to teach the missionaries in our zone about one of my favorite traditions. I imagine we'll do the cheesy "What I'm thankful for" thing that everyone dreads but secretly appreciates when they get home and really think about what they are thankful for. I've delegated out the Thanksgiving favorites to be cooked and brought by our zonemates... fried chicken (I have only seen one turkey in the philippines... it was still alive though. I'll look better next year), smashed potatoes, corn, gravy, veggies, lots of juice (it's actually just Tang. that counts as juice here), soft drinks and ice cream. It's probably the most food I'll have on one plate all year, but that's half the fun of Thanksgiving, right? Anyways hope you've all got someone to gather with and enjoy some warm food this thanksgiving season. 

We've got some awesome investigators.. Mariel is still progressing very quickly. It's amazing how much she has already changed in her life... from following the Word of Wisdom to going to Church to just enjoying studying the Book of Mormon. Her other relatives can see the change just as clearly as us missionaries, and two of them have already asked to be taught as well. The Gospel is contagious like a yawn and infinitely better. We've been extra busy this week conducting baptismal interviews.. That is honestly one of my favorite parts of my calling. I get to sit down with real people who have made genuine change over the past few weeks or months. They have been prepared with the help of excellent missionaries and the Spirit is always strong confirming that these people are ready to make the baptismal covenant. 

I understand y'alls want picture of my daily things.. grocery, internet, house, etc. Next week. Promise.

I love you so much! Especially my mother!

Elder Brown

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