Friday, October 7, 2011

Still Smelling Better!

Just because y'alls commented about my deodorant problem in the last email... After a good week of wearing it, I smell better and sweat more. I don't know. But I figured you'd like the update.

Pila is pretty awesome right now. We're working with a ton of really cool investigators, Flor and her husband are getting married tomorrow (nothing fancy.. but they're getting married!), and we've been watching miracles occur everyday. 

The two kids we baptized last week (Justine and Haru) referred their entire extended family to us. Their mom (Mercy) is the 10th of 12 siblings. Five of them have been listening to us for the last week and four showed up for church, bringing their respective families... I am pretty sure over half of the people at church yesterday weren't members. I will never question that miracles occur every day. Anyways one of them is an old pastor in the Catholic church, but yesterday while I was teaching investigator class he was asking questions and basically asked to be baptized. So that was cool. 

We've been super busy the past week with teaching just because of all the referrals people keep giving us. I'm too blessed.. someone go give the missionaries in your ward referrals, we need them and love them and care for them as you would. I'm District Leader right now.. it doesn't really mean anything cool or constitute bragging rights, but I do get to interview people for baptism. That's one of my favorite things to do as a missionary right now. Our zone is really masipag and we've had a few baptisms in the two weeks. It's so awesome to sit in front of a child of God who has repented, learned, grown, and is ready to enter into the covenant of baptism. 

Welp that's about all... I'll be checking out of the teens on Wednesday that should be fun. Love y'alls so much!!

Elder Brown

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