Monday, May 7, 2012

Lost Voice But Can Still Laugh!

Howdy Team,

Just so there's no surprises while reading.. I got sick again this week. But it makes for some fun stories, and today I can report that I am getting better. I've got the right meds and should be 100% quicker than you can say, "Oh, Elder Brown get well soon!"

Now, I promised some fun stories, right? Well for a couple days I was almost completely mute (due to a little swelling in my throat). One of those days we taught lessons. Now, just imagine for a moment me with my ridiculous smile on sitting in front of our investigators. Then I start talking. It's barely a whisper.. they have to lean in real close and understand every word. So perfect! The Spirit was there, they got the point, and all were edified. The next day (4.28) I was even more mute... this just happened to be the day President Peterson traveled 6 hours just to interview us and spend time with us. He loves us so much on this little island that he planned to stay the night to be here longer. The jokes flew like seagulls to an open bag of Doritos. I think the first thing President said once we all sat down and waited for his signal was, "Elder Brown, that is a weak excuse to get out of conducting!" We laughed. My laugh remained intact.. don't ask how or why but I am grateful. And so we laugh basically the whole afternoon about how I had to write my 'inspired questions' in practice teaching and show them to our mock investigator, how I stood up and used the chalkboard to get my thoughts out during the AP's workshop, how I had to type messages on my phone and show them to Pres at dinner, it just didn't end. And I am grateful. I found out I like mushroom soup a lot. And cooking soup from powder packets is really easy. Didn't quite top Dad's World Famous Chicken Noodle Soup, but it was good. 

More good news! Mother's package came! I can't believe I requested my favorite boardies be sent here.. I thought they'd be good for pday activities 'cause they're so light.. but when I brought them home and looked out at the ocean.. ahh! haha. I'm glad I got them though. Thank you mom (: Gong Gong's package came!! Thank you thank you thank you (: Last, Dad's giant card came. Dang, T, that was awesome. I mean just awesome. He sent me a huge card, on the front, in his handwriting, was printed, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends". On the inside, filling the whole card, was the picture of us walking out at Jhon-Saint's baptism last month. Basically the coolest thing ever. I'll give it to him when I leave here as motivation for him to serve as well. His progression continues. 

Welp, the journals are few and my time at the internet running short. I love y'alls more than mushroom soup to a sore throat!

Elder Brown

Oh, PS, I love this work. Elder Diaz asked us in their workshop this question, "Do you know that you were called by God to be where you are?" I nodded a sure "yes". From the very moment that I stood on our counter top in a tank and board shorts I have had the most reassuring witness that yes, I know I was called by God to be here. No sickness, no affliction, no amount of anything can shake that. The endless blessings that have resulted are added testimony. I love.

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