Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Howdy Team,

This last week was Holy Week. And the space bar on this keyboard is stuck down so I have to fight it from spacing when I don't want spaces. Bear with me. Anyways Holy Week is awesome on Marinduque! So much better than last years. I wrote a lot about it in my journal.. But still ringing through my ears is the shout of the youth during the street dancing festivals yesterday, "Viva el Kristo!" Yes, in Spanish. Tagalog would be, "Buhay ang Kristo!" or, "Long live Christ!" It's a little contradictory knowing that Christ won't be dying any time soon, but it felt good to hear them praise His name and cherish His goodness. 

I've got a new companion! Elder Naeata, from LA. He's of Tongan descent. This elder is rad. More to come in journals. Speaking of journals I left mine in Lucena on Saturday. It's in the good care of Elder Shepherdson. I'll have it back next week, because we're going to mainland for ZLC. Party! 

Anyways, I love y'alls more than I enjoy the tasty Mexican pizza Brother Noel cooks for me!

Elder Brown

PS pictures.. 

  1. Four months of companionship unity drawn to an end. You can see the giant statues in the background.

  2. The Morion characters ran around town all week. This is the junior Morion army.

  3. With a "viva el kristo" sign.. Behind me are a group of the street dancers.

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