Monday, May 7, 2012

Father's Words... catch up 4 23

Mother (:

I'm here at internet finally.. my companion is so cool. We work well together, and we are figuring out how to teach as one voice. But most important is what we are doing personally at the same time. We were both inspired by this one BYU Hawaii talk that President Peterson sent us. Actually this story is really good so I'm going to throw it in the group email. I didn't bring my memory card this week so I don't have journals or pictures to send!! sorry! So I'll try to make that group email extra good. I'm going to do that right now. Love you mama!

My we has been really good.. we had ZLC this week so we got to go off the island again. President, as always, was extremely loving. So was Sister Peterson when my head started aching during the heart of our most important meeting haha. But it was fine after I took a few advil. I learned a lot this week about diligence. We are doing good.

Dad sent me his talk this week from sacrament meeting. It's so cool to read my father's words. I can picture him up there, and he's going to deny this statement if you show it to him, but he sounded as close to the Lord as any general authority I watched last week at conference. I love our dad. Thanks for picking the right guy just 24 years ago! Our family is rad. I'm sure wishing right now that learned to be as thrifty as my brother when I was at BYU, but we all have to learn differently. I had to get sent to a country to eat rice and fish every day to learn. I do love my rice and fish now... that's what we had for lunch today and most likely dinner! Oh and dinner last night..ha.

I'm doing really good mother, don't worry about me at all here! I love you,

Elder Brown
So.. yeah.. I don't have any journals this week.. I left my memory card at home. Sorry.. next week we'll get journals again.

I'm alive, doing well, and have no oras! This week we went to the mission home for ZLC. I felt inspired to do my best for this little band of eight on the island. We went and worked with two elders that are struggling on Saturday. That went really well and we hope to continue to work closely with them. President called zone leaders "repairers of the breach" (Isaiah 58:12). I went and looked a little further in the chapter and felt good with the words, "Then shalt thou delight thyself in the LORD." I think finding joy in Christ is good.

Ah gotta run! I'll make sure to remember the journals next week.. I love y'alls!

Elder Brown

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