Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Smemmories!! SIX MONTHS!

Hello. Well, this is going to seem outrageously early, completely unexpected, and though two days away, 100% true. I've been a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for six months. SIX MONTHS. six months. Personally, I don't believe it one bit. It has to have been at least six years, and at the same time could have been but six weeks. There is so much I want to say for the "six month" email home. But here's the problem: I've simply learned too much, experienced too much joy, led too many hands down the baptismal font in Siniloan to attempt a summary email. For items like those, I advise hitting the "Next Post" or "Previous Post" button, becuase this week is different. I hope you smile.

Smell, pala, is one of our strongest senses, intimately linked to our long term memory. Check wikipedia for the facts, cause I'm just going off what I remember from Psych 2 years ago. When we smell something familiar, we can be taken back to very specific moments in time, where our booger-ridden noses first encountered that smell. Can you see where this is going? Although I am literally on the other side of the world, typing in an unknown internet shop in a small Filipino town as now a grown 19 year old man, I have been taken back in time on multiple occasions over the last six months; I call these memories "smemmories". They range from walking the curb of Santa Maria on the way to find my best friend Kathryn, to learning how to ride a bike, to working for La Jolla Group just 7 months ago. And I've written a few down. They're in the order I smelt them, not lived them:

Running to the 'creek' and back at Salt Creek Jr. Guards; trying to fight through feet of loose sand on a 100 two-stroke at Johnson Valley; taking pictures with Meredith Chapman at the ocean museum thingy in Dana Point; waiting in the sun for Space Mountain with McKelle Coleman; sitting on my bed resting, while watching my dad try to paint my room red and blue (you need to be careful with bright colors); eating curly fries and drinking Dr. Pepper after a night swim in Laguna; snacking on a gooey, warm Pedro's quesadilla with Michael Rex after we drove to T Street on a cloudy day; walking from Fat Burger to the Aliso Creek Regal to see Harry Potter 7, redbull in hand; mom pouring melted button on popcorn out of the foofy Christmas mugs we used year-round; trying to pry off a small wetsuit on a cold morning in the T-Street bathroom before middle school started; reading the Book of Mormon on the downstairs couch, waiting for Mim to pick me up for Jr. Guards; struggling as a 4'6" boy told to mow the lawn with a push-mower; opening up my gear bag to find smelly socks that had festered in summer heat for 3 months; walking into the Kimball's house at who-knows-what-time (thanks Cherbs); stealing Presto's shirt for Lost Connection 2009; painting posters with Avery Miyahara for Clash of the Classes; stumbling into an outhouse at the Whiting reunion; playing Brawl with Shane; sitting on the top of the world 2 years ago with my best friend; running through swarms of mosquitoes with Presto after a sunset surf at lowers; visiting Aunt May and drinking a cold Gatorade in the shade of an Arizona parking garage; standing on the Springville skate park mini ramp, scared to drop in for the first time; strolling the RSM lake; basking in the december sun with a pin in my finger at Park City Mountain Resort, M&M's in hand; pulling the "Mobster" (Pop's car) into the parking lot for the Loft; waking up to pancakes in Ocotillo...

I think you get the point. And if not.. here's what I was getting at. I really, really love this work. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and if you're not reading it, my dear friends, start now. I love all of you so much and though I am completely focused on my friends that I teach every day, my nosey senses can't help but remind me of how awesome you are. Keep up the good work.

PS - we went hiking today. it was fun. and the people are doing well, hopefully we have two baptisms on Sunday.

Out of time! I love you!

Elder Brown

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