Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lessons from my Mom

Hello! First things first, all is well. There was a little storm that came through but it just brought some cool weather and a nice drizzle (Filipino style).

I was at Jollibee this morning (sorta like McDonald's) and really wanted a Pineapple float. You know, pineapple juice with soft serve ice cream on top. Not too difficult, right? Wrong. At Jollibee, they sell pineapple juice, sodas, coke floats, and soft serve ice cream among the normal McDonald's types of things. But they will not, under any circumstances, change a menu item to fit your needs. You can't have it your way. So I gave in and just bought the items separately (for more money) and mixed them myself. I'm hoping to take my plea to the manager next monday morning, it really is a problem that they don't have pineapple floats. Point of the story: I think my mom is the best. I've clearly inherited her need to change every food order to make it fit my personal taste. And the Jollibee workers think I'm crazy.

Our family (Rellosa) is doing well. The son (14 - Frincer [yeah his name is frincer, not the Princell we've been saying for 2 months, oops]) is still coming to church every week and we're still waiting for Tatay Dennis to finish up work in the rice field so he can start coming to church. His crazy wound is all healed up for the most part. Frincer brought his cousin to the lesson last week and he's expressed a desire to be baptized too. They're the best. Dennis always shares experiences and the thoughts of his heart while we're teaching. Last night while teaching the plan of salvation he asked, "But what about the people that haven't heard the gospel, but repented and were good people, but already died? They haven't been baptized though, right?" It was awesome to explain the infinite atonement made and how his loved ones are hearing the gospel right now. So that's good.

Sorry not much time but I was more masipag about taking pictures this week so enjoy the adventures of Brown and Dioso!


Elder Brown

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