Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father & Son Poem, Transfer


First things first: I'm transferred! I couldn't believe it myself when my ZL told me last night so I had to check the transfer list early this morning.. and yep, I'm out of my first area already. Crazy. But the address you've got to write me is still the same everything goes to the mission office anyways.

Second: I gave a talk. Yes I've been teaching for the last, I don't know, 6 months, and given a few sacrament talks since then, but those were all in Tagalog. It's very different in English. Last Wednesday was Zone Conference, which means about 100 missionaries gather together at a stake center and President gives workshops and we eat food and it's a big party. But it also means that 2 junior companions and 2 senior companions get chosen right before it starts to give a talk for the opening excersizes. This conference it was on Alma 5:45-46. I had a feeling I'd get chosen, so I wrote a little outline about how we need to gain a testimony for ourselves, and how I've done that. Anyways Sister Anderson walks up and let's me know it's my turn to speak, so I hurry down to the last row of pews to make sure my talk is sufficient. It was... lacking a little. So I thought of what made my favorite talks so awesome, and realized I needed to write a poem... so I did. And this is the result of 5 hurried minutes as I huddled over my note book in the last row of pews in the San Pablo Stake Center.

A Father and His Son

The Father, a puzzle maker, had mastered His trade.
His son, still young, had but seen what he'd made.
The son, looking up, desired to learn;
His Father, reaching down, saw his heart yearn.
The puzzles were many, the son favored a few;
Though it would be a trail, the son started anew.
He picked one to start, depicting a dad and His boy;
The finished piece, pictured on top, would be more than a toy.
He covered the table with pieces of color, so small.
He studied them closely, made sure he knew all.
He sorted them out: red, green, orange and blue,
But struggled to fit them together, this his Father knew.
The Father, a master, smiled at the drive.
He gave His son hints, where mysteries would hide.
The process was slow, took more than just a day;
But when it was over, this gained knowledge would stay.
Be it 10, 50, or 100 pieces with which you start,
It can be done, if desired by heart.
The pieces will fit, they're made by a master;
But seek His heavely aid, it will go faster.

I've got little time to explain; search it yourself. This is how I learned, for myself, that the things I preach everyday are true. I am but a boy, seeing what my Father has made. I desired to know for myself that what I've seen was true, that the puzzle pieces fit together. So I spent hours, days, carefully studying all of the pieces I'd been given. I looked at the primary answers, pictured on the top of the puzzle box. My Father gave me hints, as I studied, as to where pieces would fit, where pieces I didn't see were waiting. The sure knowledge came slow, like water to a boil. But the puzzle is finished, and I know for myself that I am His child--that we all are His children.

I liked giving the talk. It was fun, I finally felt relaxed and comfortable as I stood in front of 100 of my mentors, missionaries that have been here longer and seem so wise. Go figure: I've learned how to like giving talks on my mission.

Third: Well, again, I'm transferred. I really loved the people of Siniloan, Laguna. I can honestly say I gave my all here, and will leave more prepared to do so the same in my next area. It's sad to leave, to have to say bye to investigators and members I have worked with for over 4 months, but I have hope, faith, that we will meet again. Our family, Rellosa, is still progressing well. The son, Frincer, is ready to be baptized and asked if he could next Saturday. Hopefully I'll grab some pics with the family this week before I leave.

Anyways love you all lots!!! Keep up the good work at home, and be missionaries.

Elder Brown

PS.. I've wanted glasses all my life, because I feel like they make you smarter. So on Saturday I saw some that I liked and bought them. They have no grade at all. But I feel so smart when I wear them.

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