Monday, March 28, 2011

Youth are Strong March 7th

Well, well. Has another week really gone by already? I'm scared to admit that time is starting to pick up, just incase that slows it back down again. This week was awesome. I'll tell you why:

Tagalog. I'm improving, visibly, each day. The Gift of Tounges is real. The members are the key to my success in the language right now, they are such a big help to me. I learn so much from them.

Teaching. Again, members are the key! Shane, priests in America, go out and help the missionaries. You'll love the experience. I love teaching people, and seeing their improvement each lesson. The Church is true.

This week we taught a kid named Kenny (17). He has heard all of the lessons at least twice now, yet wasn't getting to church. We taught him about the Word of Wisdom. All through that lesson I prayed while Elder Harris taught, and he did the same thing for me. I felt the Spirit so strong, and I knew Kenny did too. I was nervous about that lesson, because he had a nice collection of cigarettes on his wall. Point is, the next lesson, all the cigarettes were gone, he had read the assignment, and was eager to hear every word we had to say. Yesterday he even showed up to church! The Church is true, I love the gospel, and I am excited to share it this week!

Much love, I'm still alive and well,

Elder Brown

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