Monday, March 28, 2011

Ukelele and Ocean Baptism and Scolding March 17

I feel like Sis isn't updating my Blog like she used to... a little birdie told me.

But other than that, all is well in the Philippines! We didn't get hit by a tidal wave, but we did get a call from Pres telling us to have our 72 hour kits ready. I went to the beach that was supposed to be hit yesterday, and it looked fine. Apparently just a couple larger-than-usual waves came through and brought some rocks up on the sand. It was my first trip up to the beach, and definitely won't be my last! If I have any say in it I'll be on an island for the next area. But we'll just have to wait and see.

The work is good. We were a little slower this week with teaching, but we did get to see a baptism in Infanta (that beach mentioned above) and got to help the Sisters in our zone pull weeds for service! I've learned that that is pretty much all we do for service in the Philippines--pull weeds so that the members can plant more things. It's easy, you get to sweat, and they usually make some Tang for you after. What more could I want? Service is always a great thing in the week's planning.

I bought myself a Ukulele this week. Actually, I had another Elder buy it from someone in his area. Anyways, when I got it I realized that I have no idea how to play a ukulele, just that the idea sounded really cool. And even better, no idea how to tune the thing! But I got some sort of tuning figured out, and even a few chords. I learned "Come Thou Fount" on it just last night. I love playing, music was something that I missed most. But now I've got my own!

I hold in my hand, right now, a can of Dr. Pepper. I don't know what it is about us Mormons, or us Missionaries, but this is easily the most sought-after 12 FL OZ in the entire Philippines between us. This can came from America. It has travelled literally thousands of miles. A Sister missionary had to go to Manilla to get her visa renewed, and I convinced her (with money) to stop the bus at Mall of Asia and find a Dr. Pepper. She was successful. Tonight, it goes in the freezer. Tomorrow, I have cold Dr. Pepper for the first time in 5 weeks!! I know it's expensive, but I know what I want for my birthday. Dr. Pepper.

I'm healthy, safe, and happy. Not much else to say. My investigators are either doing really well, or not so hot. We focus on those who are ready. I'm a missionary.

Life is good in the Philippines. Till next week,

Elder Brown

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