Monday, March 28, 2011

TRIKES not your three year old version! Feb 21

Here's the thing. I prepared something awesome, but I forgot it at my house. So.. I'll have to wing it and make up for it next week.

Not gonna lie... I was bummed I had no emails last Pday.. but there were so many today it is all good now! Thanks (:

Here's what's up. No lies here. The first 3 days were hard. The next 3 days were hard. But the last 4 days that I've been here have been awesome. I'm finally able to understand some-most of what people are saying to me. The language is the biggest barrier. I thought I was good in the MTC... and I was.. but you need an incredible vocabulary and time to pick up the sound of the native language. But I'm getting it! I committed myself to work as hard as I can, everyday, to get this whole Tagalog thing down.

Yesterday we went on splits with the Priests in the ward. Which means... I had to lead the lessons!!! Scary. Especially when I've been able to rely on the incredible Elder Harris for the last week. But I spoke up, found words in my mouth, and knew the Church was true. In that order. I spoke enough that they could understand what I was saying, and even laugh because I wasn't quite pronouncing the words right. But hey, if I'm talking enough that they feel comfortable making fun of me, then that's just alright! It will come. I have to remind myself that I've really only been here for a week now. And that it will come.

More stories? You got it.

This week you get to know about "trikes".

They are motorcycles... usually 1970-ish kawasaki's. They weld on a third wheel and side car business. They weld on a roof / windshield type of thing. And they drive you around wherever you need to go. They are older than anyone reading this. They are sorta like pokemon, in the sense that they can only say "TRIKE?" Can you imagine that? "trike? trike?" just like a pokemon. When you get on one, they pile as many people as possible onto that tiny 250cc engine. We've fit 9, including the driver. Then you zoom on the "highway" to your destination! Because there are no addresses here, you just tell them the name of the neighborhood and that works just fine. Then you pay 8-20 pisos... like 16-50 cents. Depending on how far you go. It's awesome, it's fast, it's cheap, it's the way we do it in the Philippines. Hopefully I can send pictures this week.

Spiritual thought for the week: Turn to.. dang forgot it. Pasaway ako. Joke. Ok different spiritual thought... Hit up 3 ne 18:19-21. Read it, and pray always. Ok? That's what you've gotta do for me. Read the BOM every day, and pray always. Easy!

Love you all!! Thanks for the support.

Elder Brown

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