Monday, September 17, 2012

HIgh Five to Families, Reflections, Elder Shane!

Howdy Team,

The pauwi (missionaries going home) are here in the mission home. I wrote about that in the journal. Anyways we were invited for some cereal at the mission home, so I thought that I'd stop by and email y'alls on the way back upstairs! I had a dream last night about meeting up with my brother.. I suppose you could say I'm a bit excited. He was shorter than me in my dream... But I know not all dreams come true ;) 

I just want to share a bit about one family we met the other night. We were on our way home around 8:00pm... with plans to stop by one less active member super close by... when a swarm of 8-10 yr old girls attacked me! This isn't an irregular thing in the Philippines, so I assumed the usual defense position, which is.. high fives all around! They love high fives from us. They call that an "up here!" except it sounds more like "AHHPP EERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRE!" with lots of rolled R's. 

After calming the swarm, I noticed one of their mothers watching from her house. "Hello sister, good evening!" 

"Magandang gabi rin.." (good evening too).. We talked for a moment and found that they were remembering her father's passing exactly one year before. Her husband came out and said, "hey, come inside and have a seat." So we did. Then we taught them a very simple, powerful lesson about families that can be together forever through the restored Gospel. Towards the end I mentioned that we had probably mentioned a lot of things they weren't familiar with and that we... "Yes, you will be coming back many more times. Any day around this time works," sister butted in. So cool! Finding families like that is such a sweet thing. It feels so good. I don't know if they'll progress yet, but the Spirit was felt that first night. 

I sure do love this work. Read the short journals I guess for some more details. I love the peace we can feel in knowing the Plan of Salvation, in knowing that we are doing His will. We have a Heavenly Father. He is real, He lives, and He loves us. 


Elder Brown

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