Thursday, September 8, 2011

Best Week

I know the subject sounds kind of ridiculous, but it's true. Straight up. 

This week has been awesome. But I have like zero email time... Highlights.

Never mind just time for one highlight. Florencia was baptized, along with her 2 kids and a part-member girl! Florencia is the cute investigator with two front teeth and a testimony that can move mountains. The last few weeks she has completely changed her life as she learned about the gospel, from removing coffee from her tindahan (little store thing) to taking the saint statues out of her house. She was the perfect investigator and will quickly transition to becoming a strong member. 

Elder Lacson and I are headed to transfer day on Friday! It's been a good 3 months together, and we're both excited to see where he ends up and who will be my new companion come Friday. 

Outta time! But I got y'alls a pic from yesterday. Love,

Elder Brown

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