Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reactivation and Washing Machine


News: This week is transfers, but Elder Lacson is staying with me! So there ya have it. We're doing work.

More news: My brother took my mom out on a date this week for me. Love you mom (:

The mission: Success. This week I found a family that has been falling away for the last 3 months. They encountered a problem, found a reason to stop coming to church, and took the chance. I want to yell it from the rooftops that the Chance is never worth it. The Church is just true. Anyways we went back to them a few times this week, and got 8/10 of them to church! And the mom is stoked on reading the Book of Mormon again. They're the Leyva family. Love them. One of their 8 kids works with us a few times a week. 

We have a marriage soon!!! Nanay Flor (who has been washing my clothes) is about ready for marriage and baptism! It's kinda exciting to marry a couple who are both over 50. Gong Gong asked how much it will cost.. so you all know it will cost about $18. Poverty here is absolutely nutso. But we've got some awesome members who are going to cover the cost of the wedding. Stoked. That'll be a few weeks away so I'll get some better coverage then.

I wash my whites: by hand! It's simple. But I am missing the washing machine right now. How did you guys live before the age of washing machines?

I love you all, especially my mom!

Elder Brown

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