Monday, May 2, 2011

Last week with Tatay Harris

Hello! Quick updates.

1. Happy Mother's Day mom!! I love you and thank you for the taco seasoning, it will be perfect for our Cinco de Mayo celebration. I will call you in a few days.

2. The "Tinda-Tract" (straight from my journal, 4-28-11, and I'll translate to English)

Oh no!!! I just finished this email and a brown out happened! (power stops and comes back) But I will retype all the things GMail didn't automatically save for me. For you.

The "Tinda-Tract" For use when punted, or when it is really hot and extra time is avaliable. Step 1- Decide on a baon(snack) and a soft drink. Step 2- Talk to every mayari ng tindahan (owner of a litte shop set up at thier front window) until you find your desired baon, or a nice person who has some time. Step 3- Purchase and enjoy the marienda (snack time), and kausapin mo siya (talk to him/her). Step 4- Become friends, hanapin mo and concern niya (find his/her concern), and sit in shade when invited to. Step 5- Solve concern, invite to hear more. Start now if possible, or set up a return appointment. Step 6- Return for your favorite snack and a great investigator!

3. Youth conference is soon, and I heard yours was just a few weeks ago.. otherwise I'd say to invite your friends. Two of our investigators are going, invited by incredible friends who have helped teach and sat in on the lessons. As always, members are the key. I know it. One of my best friends went to youth conference, and eventually was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 2 years ago, this month. I know that you have a powerful influence on your best friends, please do what you can to share with them the greatest message this world has ever known. I know that this Church is true. I testify that Christ lives, and that only through following Him can we have the greatest joy in this life, and in the life to come. Go to church.

Love from the Philippines,


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