Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sure would love a Dr. Pepper!


Time is starting to fly. So I decided to count.. I have heard it might slow things down a bit. Without getting too specific.. Only ~45 million seconds till I find myself without a name tag and with a BRC & Dr. Pepper. You have to go to two different stores, even in America, for that kind of meal.

I'm doing really well. The work was a little slower this week, but that's fine because Ronalyn, Maria, and Kenney were all baptized! Pictures, of course. And we're teaching a few families that are showing good promise.. It's just still very impossible to get people to church. But next week is General Conference (yes, 1 week behind) and they show it in English... Not sure what to expect on this one. We're also teaching a witch doctor, that's always fun.

Again, you need to know how much we missionaries love and appreciate your help as members. All of the baptisms that we have had to this day have been because the members (you) trusted us with your relatives and best friends. Judith and MJ (10 and 14, respectively) trusted us with their best friends, Ronalyn and Maria. We are now teaching Ronalyn's whole family, and she gets to testify of the conversion that she has had in the last 2 months. Maria's older sister came to her baptism, and is warming up to us. You can enjoy all the blessings of missionary work in your own family and with your own friends, I testify of it. Remember the joy that we have, and that it is something that everyone in this world will recognize and familiar truth. Just be good friends, and when they're ready call up your local missionaries! Also for the youth - go work with the missionaries. They'll love your testimony and you'll get a taste for what it's like. 

I can write about these experiences all day, but I still have to cook some chickens over an open fire! The zone should be at our house soon, and they're going to be hungry. Can't let them down. PS training day is this week, which means I get to go to SM (the super mall kuwan). Which means I'll be eating KFC and bringing Pizza Hut home. We pay American money for American food, but it is so worth it!

The second picture (with the two Sisters) is of Nanay Amican and Ate Pacing. They are so great! Nanay washes my clothes and teaches me Tagalog (: and Ate Pacing is the Primary President.. She takes care of the kids we bring to church and referred her sister to us yesterday! Life is good in Siniloan. Much Love

Elder Brown

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