Monday, January 10, 2011

Read and Pray!

First off, the MTC is pretty cool. But I'm almost half way done and I'm ready to hit the Philippines. I mean, after I learn a little more Tagalog of course.

Second, thanks Hill family for giving me that awesome copy of Jesus The Christ!! I started reading it last Sunday.. and finished it yesterday. One week. I literally held it in my hands from the moment I started to the last page. Dinner, class, service, nothing could separate me from the book. Great read. It's not that I learned all that much (facts) from the book, because I've been taught well in Sunday School, but reading the stories in a book, with the commentary of Elder Talmage, was essential to furthering my understanding of, and faith in, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I finished the Book of Mormon on Christmas Eve.. also a good read. I would recommend those two, in that order, to anyone who desires knowledge of our Father and His Son.

Also... I counted how many times we pray each day here. Without the random prayers of comfort throughout the day, we are expected to pray upwards of 16 times a day. Woah. But I'm positive it's one of the reasons I've been able to grow so much through the spirit here.

I never have enough time to email, but that will get better once I'm in the Philippines. Please continue all the great support with letters!! Also not much happens here except learning.... no crazy stories yet.

Until next week,

Elder Trevor Todd Brown

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